Daniel Sánchez



Alterego is a Critical Design product that allows to instantly and tangibly represent the own digital popularity, defined by daily views and "likes" in our social profiles. 

It is presented as a pixel-man, that can easily be associated to the digital world; it is transparent, in opposition to current technologies that are frequently dark in its function and difficult to know in detail.

It is connected to a black box that represents this technological mystery through an umbilical cord that goes straight to the head, turning it into a brain cord. Here relies the light of knowledge, that in the contemporary world is nourished by the social networks. Therefore, the brain cord transmits “food” to the contemporary man, capable of transforming the whole person.

Alterego shows itself as a representation of this modification of the man, revealing the influence of the social networks from a critical perspective.

Designed along with Caterina Corda, Daniele Monti, Marco Cerizzi e Giorgio Banfi

Gruppo H_ AlterEgo_Presentazione-01.png

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