Daniel Sánchez



Andy is made up of a family of three objects, designed to improve hand health. By using different cuts, shapes, and colors, Andy aims to merge with the user’s surroundings and environments, enhancing the design aesthetics of any space and being flexible enough to complete the look of any environment. It seeks to catch the attention of any user and encourage its usage through the day, whether it be at school, at work or even at home. Andy is made to take everywhere and used at any time.

Andy’s interior construction of stitched VHB tape from 3M allows it to have viscoelastic properties, allowing it to stretch and bounce back into its original form. The tape also works as an interior adhesive that keeps the objects’ components from falling apart.

Look, touch, stretch.

Designed along with Davide Biancucci, Caterina Corda, Giorgio Banfi and Justine Lopes.

Design Process

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